Find Nearby Public EV Charging Stations

Search for nearby public EV chargers in-vehicle or through the FordPass app . You can also plan your route to include the most convenient charging stations and upload your planned trip to your vehicle.

One App for Every Charge Station

The FordPass app is the only app you need for access to every public charging station in the multi-partner BlueOval™ Charge Network. You’ll be able to pay for, manage, and monitor charging from your smartphone in just a few taps. Current BlueOval™ Charge Network partners include ChargePoint Network, FLO, Shell ReCharge SemaCharge Network, and Circuit électrique/Electric Circuit. You can also view and locate non-partner charging stations in the app.

Make EV Charging Routine

Want to discover the right charging types for your lifestyle and learn how to reduce range anxiety? We’ve got helpful tips and info about making daily EV charging part of your routine.